Used Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Buying Guide - Pompano Pats Daytona

If you acquaint yourself with Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the latest decades, buying a used Harley seems far less daunting. Since you are going for a used bike, remember to be extra cautious in closing the deal immediately. Most of the Harleys still on the road were manufactured in the past twenty-five years. Hence, you are left with a wide range of choices while buying a pre-owned Harley. Purchasing a used bike such as Harley-Davidson can be cost efficient if bought from an authentic, reliable dealer like Pompano Pats Daytona.

The following, takes a look at the factors you should consider when it comes to buying a used motorcycle such as a Harley-Davidson.

Overall Condition

Whether you are choosing a 2005 or a 1978 model, take the bike’s overall condition into consideration. It’s quite obvious that you don't want to invest in a bike which has not been properly maintained.

Check the bike’s exterior as well as its overall performance. You should check everything with the same level of scrutiny as when purchasing a pre-owned car. Ensure that the engine and all other mechanical components are in good working order. Check for dents, rust, and other cosmetic issues which could affect the price of your pre-owned machine.


It’s one of the reasons behind your decision to buy a pre-owned motorcycle. Price is a primary aspect to consider since you are planning to stay within your budget. You should research the current market value of the model you are looking for. Only purchase your Harley once you are fully confident that the bike fits your requirements and is in good condition.


The location is very important for buyers who want to see the motorcycle with their own eyes before purchasing. If the seller happens to be in your area, it will easy for you to visit and close the deal fast.


Verify the motorcycle’s mileage. As mileage is a crucial factor in finding out the market value, please ensure that the mileage quoted is correct and the vehicle is priced accordingly.

Owner's background

Ask the vehicle owner about the motorcycle’s maintenance and history. Try to get a clear idea of how well the owner has taken care of the bike while in their possession.

Finally, come to an agreement and make sure that everything is signed and put in writing. Now, it’s time to take pleasure in your new ride, but do not forget to look into insurance for your motorcycle.