Dangers of Texting and Riding


The Dangers of Texting While Riding Your Motorcycle
The dangers of drinking and driving are well documented but, did you know, that 81% of people think that texting while driving is a top road safety concern? Riding a motorcycle and texting may seem impossible but it does happen. Over the years, road safety concerns have evolved. However, changes have been made to address these concerns such as:
  • Setting a drink/drive limit
  • Making child safety seats compulsory
  • Promoting seatbelt safety
  • Adding GPS to cars as opposed to use of road maps
So what concerns does texting while driving or riding a motorcycle have? Motorcycle riders will be:
  • Distracted with their eyes off the road
  • Unable to see vehicles coming up behind them
  • Unable to control the motorcycle with two hands
  • Unable to steer quickly to avoid injury or accidents
  • Unable to see people walking onto the road
All of these things could cause severe injury to the rider as well as other vehicle users and pedestrians. The following article shows how texting and driving is a major safety concern in the modern world.