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The Harley Davidson Sportster is one of the world’s most iconic motorcycles. It offers users amazing performance and great style at a reasonable price. You must consider your budget and lifestyle to make sure that your next motorcycle meets your expectations.

The Ironhead Sportster is the perfect blend of classic style and traditional technology. The Evolution Sportster offers improved performance and contemporary styling. Some motorcycle enthusiasts equally enjoy the Evolution Sportster and Ironhead Sportster, while others prefer one model over the other.

If you have decided that a Harley Davidson is the motorcycle of your choice, it’s time to consider the various Harley models available. The professionals at Pompano Pat's Motorcycles can help you select your preferred bike from a range of styles.

Ironhead Sportster versus Evolution Sportster

The Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster

To motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, the Ironhead Sportster is a longtime favorite. This motorcycle reestablished Harley Davidson as a premiere motorcycle manufacturing brand. The Ironhead Sportster generally demands higher prices than several later models.

Furthermore, it is often more difficult to ride older motorcycles than their modern counterparts because of their lack of sophisticated steering and suspension. They also require more expensive and frequent maintenance and repair owing to their age.

  • In 1957, the original Sportster debuted to great fanfare. Its Ironhead engine was well known for its extraordinary performance. Its twin-spring rear suspension provides consumers with great handling.
  • In 1972, the engine was upgraded from 900cc to 1000cc.
  • In 1975, from a right-side gear shift the Ironhead Sportster switched to a left-side gearshift to follow new federal regulations.
  • However, until the production of the Sportster ended in 1985, it remained almost unchanged.

The Harley Davidson Evolution Sportster

  • Harley Davidson for the first time remarkably redesigned the Sportster in 1986, since its inception about thirty years earlier. The original Ironhead design was replaced with the Evolution engine. The new engine offered better cooling, improved fuel economy and emissions, enhanced performance and lower weight owing to its aluminum cylinder heads as well as other upgrades. 883cc and 1100cc are the two sizes in which it was available.
  • Harley Davidson increased the optional engine’s size from 1100cc to 1200cc in 1988 and replaced the customary butterfly carburetor with an advanced constant velocity design.
  • The aging four-speed transmission was replaced by Harley Davidson with a brand new five-speed gearbox in 1991.
  • Additionally, the 883 Deluxe as well as 1200 versions replaced the drive chain with a belt drive system.
  • These changes resulted in the reduction of maintenance frequency, vibration and noise. The rest of the Sportster lineup was outfitted with the belt drive system in 1993.
  • Harley Davidson improved the clutch, oil tank, and electrical system to upgrade reliability along with performance in 1994.
  • The mechanical unit was replaced with an electric speedometer in 1995.
  • The stylish XL1200C and the high-performance were introduced by Harley Davidson in 1996 and 1998 respectively.
  • Harley Davidson kept on upgrading the Sportster throughout the next century. Harley Davidson launched standardized fuel injection along with sealed wheel bearings and four-piston brake calipers for improved longevity and enhanced braking performance in 2000.
  • Harley Davidson introduced a rubber mounting system and redesigned the Sportster's frame in 2004. The upgrade significantly reduced vibration while improving the transmission door, oil tank, air cleaner, and enclosing the battery.
  • The engine control unit was relocated in 2010. This change was intended to offer riders greater aftermarket seat choices.
  • Harley Davidson installed a whole new electrical system, larger brakes, and expanded the engine's compression ratio besides offering keyless entry as well as anti-lock brakes in 2014.

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